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This section is for all the people that have acting and creativity as a purpose in their lives, whether you are starting out, or you are a professional, always wanting to be more prepared and to be ready for the next opportunity. 

Or…if your job is completely the opposite, but creativity has always been your passion or something that you wanted to give a go, and you would like to discover more about yourself and how to let your emotions flow. 

I am an actor, writer, creative director with twenty years of experience both on screen and off-screen. 

I work with everyone who wants to be more authentic and present in front of the camera for interviews, speech confidence for conferences and round tables.  

This journey is all about you and where you are travelling. 

Do you have a lack of confidence and have you stopped believing in yourself? 

Or a lot of ideas and plans, but it seems you can’t make them real? 

Let’s discover the exciting feeling of living in the present and at the fullest, whilst enjoying every step forward through the unfolding of your next goal. 

Open your mind, trust your instincts and identify what matters the most to you.

You will be able to dive into yourself and reveal the myriad of answers to those questions that ultimately lead to the happiness we all crave. 

I will be happy and honoured to walk beside you in this enlightening journey of discovery.

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Yurj Buzzi



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